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Sweetheart Army: New Indie Duo Spend 5 Minutes with the Snizz

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Hernan Savastano and Ali Marcus are The Sweetheart Army, a charming indie pop duo that makes perfect use of the male/female vocal dynamic. Before they get too big to talk to us, we figured we better have longtime contributor Sean “The Snizz” Oliver as them some completely irrelevant interview questions. It’s kind of a “rite of passage,” you see.

Hernan and Ali were kind enough to play along.

Q: Are you guys any good?
Ali: Only if Hernan isn’t hung over.
Hernan: My mom thinks we’re better than Elvis…and that Ali needs to lighten up a bit.

Q: Columbia House Music catalog has described artists in the past using terms such as Skronk Rock and Nu-Wave Metal. How might they describe you?
A: Old Sacramento Swing.
H: Really slow speed metal.

Q: If you had super powers what would they be?
A: You mean we don’t? Then what’s all this about being a writer?
H: The power to break your heart with a single note. And to cure hangovers instantly

Q: Are you afraid of carbohydrates?
A: Hell no.
H: Only the good kind.

Q: Please describe your favorite shirt.
A: It’s grey, with some red white and blue, and says, “Vote for a Better Tomorrow.”
H: It’s a black Replacements t-shirt from the Don’t Tell a Soul tour. It’s really old (Shut up Ali!) and faded and it’s got a bunch of holes in the back and I’ll never know how they got there, but it’s the softest shirt I own and I’m going to wear it until it falls apart. Or until I’m buried in it.

Q: If you hadn’t named your band The Sweetheart Army what would you have called yourselves? How about “The Jim Plunkett Project,” or maybe “Kitty Pryde’s Panties?”
A: The Transpotation Security Administration.
H: The Taco Trucks…or Ali Marcus’ Sixth Hus Band.

Q: Use the word “caulk” in a sentence.
A: Music is the spiritual caulk in my shower tiles.
H: I’ve seen Ali’s shower. It’s pretty gross.

Sweetheart Army on www.nadamucho.comQ: Did Fonzi date both Leather and Pinky Tuscadero?
A: I wasn’t alive then, but I bet Hernan was; ask him.
H: Yes and they were sisters! But that was a cover up. He really had a thing for Chachi

Q: We don’t have any money, can you give us some?
A: Sure, except my bank disappeared into thin air last week.
H: Only if you promise to spend it on crack.

Q: Can do! OK last question: denim or gabardine?
A: What’s gabardine?
H: I don’t know but I’m pretty sure we can live without it.


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