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Talkdemonic Close Cumulus Festival Saturday @ Cafe Venus / Mars Bar

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2010 Cumulus Festival
Talkdemonic to Close Festivities Saturday @ Cafe Venus / Mars Bar

The short bio on the Cumulus Festival’s Website reads:

“The three guys at the core of the festival found a peculiar kind of inspiration in the grey chill and rain that Seattle winters are known for, and in the artists they found their own band sharing bills with. It only made sense to join the grey and fuzzy clouds with the grey and fuzzy sound of like-minded bands; to mimic the delicate drizzle and deluge of hail with guitars and drums; and to celebrate staying indoors, warmed by the tubes of dozens of amplifiers.”

Its a fitting premise for a Northwest music event, and Seattle has no shortage of talented bands making atmospheric post-punk. Boasting 12 bands over three nights, the festival kicked off Thursday at the Mars Bar before heading across town to the Funhouse – a bar known for its love of punk, if usually without the “post.”

Said festival organizers Levi Fuller about the first night:

The Ever Changing Sky“It was an auspicious beginning. Paintings for Animals sucked us in with his intricate soundscapes, the Luna Moth played some songs (OK, I’m in the Luna Moth and don’t really feel like I can evaluate our set objectively), Joy Wants Eternity laid down oceans and rivers of rich guitar and Rhodes for us to blissfully backstroke through, and Scriptures brought it home with their brilliantly paired riffs and sonic textures.”

Tonight sees veterans This Blinding Light (featuring members of Hypatia Lake) join one of’s favorite 2009 discoveries, The Ever Changing Sky. On Saturday, Bronze Fawn will likely delight with songs from their excellent new album, Life Among Giants, before Portland drum and viola duo Talkdemonic bring this year’s Cumulus event to its dreamy. largely instrumental close.

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