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TBLFAS #60: Charlie Beck; I, The Sky; Peter Cameron

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TBASA’s Lo-Fi All Stars (#TBLFAS) is an intimate weekly concert series hosted by long time Contributor Tim Basaraba. The shows are free and take place at the Benbow Room in West Seattle beginning at 8 p.m. each Wednesday night.

Here’s Tim with his thoughts on the musicians performing tonight.

Charlie Beck

Once again a memeber of a band I love will grace #TBLFAS with an intimate solo performance. What will Charlie Beck (Hondo II, Memphis Radio Kings) bring to the show? I have no Idea and that excites me.


I, The Sky

Since Ashton George of I, The Sky has yet to mention to the world that he is playing on Wednesday we will not mention how amazing this kid is as a singer songwriter. Ooops I just did!


Peter Cameron

Peter Cameron, of Peter & The Tribe, is one of the most original Songwriters I have witnessed in Seattle, he follows no rules except one…Have fun.

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