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TBLFAS #61: theZim, Rachel Mary Helen Angerman, Ben Bradley & Rich Conrad

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TBASA’s Lo-Fi All Stars (#TBLFAS) is an intimate weekly concert series hosted by long time Contributor Tim Basaraba. The shows are free and take place at the Benbow Room in West Seattle beginning at 8 p.m. each Wednesday night.

Here’s Tim with his thoughts on the musicians performing tonight.

theZim with Arock on hand drums

It is difficult to define the genre that theZim fits into but it really doesn’t matter the passion is there and so are the chops. Plus we get the 1st hand drums of the year courtesy of his partner in crime Arock.

Rachel Mary Helen Angerman

Nothing is known about this mysterious young woman except her performance in this this video.

Ben Bradley

Black Plastic Clouds are a rock band and Ben is their leader. Lets see if he can get his band mates to show up and watch him alone and vulnerable with an acoustic guitar?

Rich Conrad

I don’t know much about Rich but he seems like a cool guy and is anxious to perform, so I slipped him on last minute as the opener. Get to the Benbow Room by 8 p.m. sharp to see what he’s got.

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