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TBLFAS #64: Colin J. Nelson, Casey Ruff & Brendan Regan

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TBASA’s Lo-Fi All Stars (#TBLFAS) is an intimate weekly concert series hosted by long time Contributor Tim Basaraba. The shows are free and take place at the Benbow Room in West Seattle beginning at 8 p.m. each Wednesday night.

Here’s Tim with his thoughts on the musicians performing March 11.

Colin J. Nelson

Colin is one of those solo performers who sounds just as perfect live as he does on his recent album Posies and Teeth. Sad songs sung in a happy way are his cup of tea, so come out on Wednesday and drink up.

Casey Ruff

Casey loudly explores racy subject matter like infidelity and “being born in a bar” with the smirk and bravado of a 80-year-old man who has done everything. Impressive for a good looking guy in his 30s.

Brendan Regan

I know next to nothing about Brendan, but he comes highly recommended and the songs on his BandCamp sound epic. I can’t wait to hear them live in our intimate setting at the Benbow.

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One thought on “TBLFAS #64: Colin J. Nelson, Casey Ruff & Brendan Regan

  1. CJ says:

    Already, can’t wait. Sounds awesome and Tim you are a great writer!

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