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#TBLFAS 74: Lino Fernandez, Spencer Carlson, Reilly Whiting & Paul Jenkins

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On Feb. 3, the 74th installment of my recurring acoustic showcase, TBASA’s Lo-Fi All-Stars, goes down at the new Substation venue in Ballard. Here are some thoughts on this month’s performers.

Lino Fernandez

People like Lino are the reason why TBLFAS was created. It gives talented performers in multiple bands who have enough time to rock out four times a month with their various projects but never have get to show their stripped down, more personal side, alone on stage. If you are a fan of shoegaze and want to see how songs like this originate come see the guy that does Guitar/Vox at season of strangers, Guitar/Vox at The Little Donuts and skins at The Dignitaries. Here is a video of Lino on guitar with one of the many bands he performs with:

Spencer Carlson

Spencer is a special talent. He is the younger kid brother you never wanted but are happy he was born, thought provoking lyrics and skills as a solo artist that are beyond his years. He was featured in last year’s #41for2015Fest as our opening act. Here’s a video from that show at Substation:

Reilly Whiting

Reilly is the guitar-wielding front man of rock band Good Men and Thorough. His classic song structure and delivery is refreshing in a city of weirdos who are trying to be different, news flash you can be different just by being yourself. Here is a video clip of Reilly performing at TBLFAS #56 18 TBLFAS ago.

Paul Jenkins

Each showcase I try and reach out and book a performer who is unkown to me, like Paul Jenkins.

(Author’s note: Next month we go from Sausage fest to Gurl Power.) 

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