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#TBLFAS 75: Sarah Pasillas, Star Anna, Hell Mary, Christa Fischer & Naomi Botkin

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Tomorrow night, March 3, the 75th installment of my recurring acoustic showcase, TBASA’s Lo-Fi All-Stars, goes down at the new Substation venue in Ballard. Here are some thoughts on this month’s performers.

Sarah Pasillas

Sarah is a #TBLFAS alumni; this will be her fourth appearance and she’s taking it to the next level. She’s headlining and performing with a full band. Here’s a video of Sarah playing what I think is her best song:

Star Anna

Many artists try to combine folk sounds and styles with a “fuck folk!” attitude but few pull it off as successfully as Star Anna, who’s universal and introspective lyrics leave no doubt about her sincerity. Plus her between song banter is sometimes worth the $6 alone. Here is Star in a super dope video from 2013:

Hell Mary

Rachel Mary Helen, aka Hell Mary, was the breakout artist of 2015. Her release Worship Games is an interesting aural experience, much different than her live set which is a more straightforward singer-songwriter approach but equally as impressive. Here is Hell Mary a year ago at one of her first performances. If you think this is good (which it is) then I can guarantee you will be blown away by her live performance one year later:

Christa Fischer

Christa Fischer has an amazing voice. Most of us  have only seen her as the front person for Christa Says Yay!, so take this opportunity to witness her talents on a more intimate level . Here is a video of Christa with her full band back in 2013 at the now defunct White Rabbit:

Naomi Botkin

Opening the night’s festivities Tigers in the Tank frontwoman Naomi Botkin. The last time I wrote about Naomi I raved about her multi-lingual songs. I wont do that this time. Instead, here is a video of Naomi singing in French in Georgetown last year:

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