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The Ben Folds Five: More than “Brick”

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Ben Folds Five @ The Showbox
Monday, February 4
By Kevin Nelson 

The Ben Folds Five is more than “Brick.” Sure, they are most known for its rocking tribute to abortion, but few people know them beyond that ubiquitous hit.

When the band broke up in 2000 they might have been relegated to that one song, but the Five got back together last year to release The Sound Of The Life Of The Mind and open a new page in their piano pop playbook. The album features the goofy fun that their excellent (non-“Brick”) catalog is known for. With The Sound Of…, the band goes back to its roots,

And those roots include rollicking live shows. The three members of the Ben Folds Five (yes, three) will storm into the Market Showbox tonight, proving that they’ve still got it. Sure, they’re over a decade older than the last time they rocked the stage together, but it’ll be like no time as passed when the band plays new material like the Fraggle Rock-approved “Do It Anyway,” as well as other classics of fun power pop like “Kate,” “Underground,” and yes, well they will probably play “Brick.”

The opening act is Nataly Dawn. Now, many people hear the name Nataly Dawn and ask the question how do I know her? Well, you might only know her as a member of Pomplamoose, or you might not know her at all, but when she drops her new album How I Know Her on February 13, you’ll definitely know her.

Kevin Nelson is a new contributor who likes Ryan Adams and has three cats.

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