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The Cops: Helping Seattle Fight Insipid Culture-Fuckers

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The Cops – Why Kids Go Wrong
Mt. Fuji Records (2004)
By Todd Arkley

I’m sick of fat Republicans, soft losers, and insipid culture-fuckers. So you know what? I’m going to fight those suck-asses, and before I head to battle, I’m gonna go see the Cops.

Why Kids Go Wrong, the debut EP by the Cops, is a solid, basic piece of militant rock that should be the energy and foundation of a working man and woman’s life. If you understand the Clash, then you know that music with guitars that pull at your guts and scratched, pissed political vocals needs to be firmly rooted in every city in the world. The Cops have manifested this vibe in Seattle. They are here to use rock in its dirty, street-fighting, political form and god knows we need more of this while living under President George W. Cuntmonkey.

“Waiting List” is choice. This shit will get you drunk, happy, and angry on a Tuesday night. The track features a straight shot of percussive guitar and drums and ragged-edged vocals courtesy of singer Michael Jaworski. This song is aimed at your gut. It makes you want to move and slam into people.

And for the crucial political element, we have “Protection Act.” Goddamn! A political, slightly dubbed out pisser of a track. I ask you – if bands aren’t singing about the evil banality of this country, what exactly are they singing about? “I know where they’re going to sleep tonight” is my favorite type of rock lyric. Delivered to the fuckers in power, it’s a lovely and delicious implicit threat of violence. Protest songs are the most effective when you can see the physicality of a revolution.Why Kids Go Wrong isn’t perfect. I think the Cops could deepen the complexity of their sound and get messier. Some of the production is a little clean and that often can dull the edge of a good rock/punk band. I haven’t had a chance to see them live yet, but I’m sure they would make me so angry I would be happy all over again. Go see the Cops. – (8/10)

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