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The Divorce: There Will Be Blood Tonight

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The Divorce – There Will Be Blood Tonight
Fugitive Records 

By Jeannette Crow

The only thing better than There Will Be Blood Tonight, the first full-length from The Divorce, is the Seattle band’s live show. So for the time being, whenever you’re not seeing that, you should be listening to this.

The music is hyper-fast, featuring melodic guitar hugged tight by solid bass lines and driven by high-performance, high-speed drums. Lyrics range from conversational to occasionally brilliant. (“All we want/is what the ads have been promising us/to be gold/and shine enough/that we don’t have to live by the rules/we’ll make our own up.”) Shane Berry’s singing is skilled and emotional without ever stopping the rocking.

In the tradition of the best melodic punk rock, There Will Be Blood Tonight makes you want to sing along, dance around, jump up and down, and go on a drive long enough to hear the whole album, drumming on the stereo the whole way. At some point you will probably also be compelled to kick some ass. Then you will be similar to The Divorce. – (9/10)

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