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The End of An Era: TBASA’s Lo-Fi All-Stars #100

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TBASA’s Lo-Fi All-Stars #100
Thursday, April 5 @ Substation

Nine years ago I gave my little buddy Tim “TBASA” Basaraba a night at Mars Bar, the small Eastlake Club where me and some co-conspirators booked the majority of the shows for a four year period, for him to do start something he believed in: a recurring showcase where he invited local musicians to come play intimate sets, primarily acoustic and always stripped down.

Since my career as a local talent buyer was coming to a close right about then anyway, I said “yes,” even though any Seattle music booker will tell you acoustic nights aren’t great for business. I knew Tim would use it to build relationships and community, and parlay it into other cool things to help the local music scene. Thus, TBASA’s Lo-Fi All-Stars (#TBLFAS) was born.

Aaron Semer @ TBLFAS #56. Photo by Jim Toohey.

The night served its purpose, providing a ton of first-timers a place to perform and a chance to build confidence before moving on to other venues. Along the way, local notables like Robert Roth and Star Anna stopped by, and we got an early look at artists destined for stardom, like Jason McCue, who you will hear a lot about in 2018. I promise. (Also, true story: last year Tim talked 80’s pop star Tiffany to join the bill when she was in town.)

Nearly a decade and at least three venues later, #TBLFAS will come to close on Thursday, April 5 at Substation, the club where he now serves as the primary talent buyer. I imagine it will go out much like it came in, with a small group of local musicians and fans enjoying performing and consuming live music.

Star Anna @ TBLFAS #68. Photo Jim Toohey.

It’s fitting that #TBLFAS mainstay Wes Sp8 will headline (though I use that term lightly since the format has always been about equal time for each act on the bill), since he’s a genre-bending multi-instrumentalist composer type with a captivating baritone who’s just as comfortable sitting along with a guitar and any random accompaniment of other instruments, often played at the same time.

Wes will be joined by six other acts during the series’ final installment. I’d tell you more about them, but I don’t know much: I usually don’t make it out to #TBLFAS since I’m old and it’s always on weeknights.

Details below.

April 5, 2018

Performers, in order of appearance beginning at 7 p.m.

Deb Montgomery
Lucas Tayne
Crystal Fuzz
5J Barrow (NY,NY)
Jenna Fields
Wes Sp8

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