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The Funhouse Seattle Returns

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The following is a press statement issued tonight:

Seattle, WA – March 9, 2015 – Seattle’s live music scene is getting a boost as The Funhouse’s Brian Foss and Bobby Kuckelburg and El Corazon’s Dana Sims announce a joint partnership, effective April 1st.

Foss and Kuckelburg join Sims in ownership and co-management of El Corazon, the legendary Eastlake Avenue venue that operated as ground zero for the Seattle grunge scene. The building — which is now owned by the partners, thus insuring the club’s long-term survival — has a storied history extending back to the early part of the last century, most notably as the Off Ramp in the ‘90s. After the sudden closure of The Funhouse in 2012, El Corazon became one of the last remaining live music venue catering to the local scene in the downtown area — a position that will be strengthened and solidified through this partnership.

The venue’s main showroom will be referred to and branded as El Corazon.  The room currently referred to as the El Corazon Lounge will be re-branded and referred to as The Funhouse and will be opening earlier in the day for happy hour, seven days a week, with the Funhouse mascot Spike The Clown watching over the proceedings. Both rooms will feature live music regularly.

Foss and Sims will handle booking duties, while Kuckelburg (who also owns and manages the nearby Victory Lounge) will focus on bar and kitchen management. Other ownership/management duties will be shared.

Changes will be a stronger presence of ownership, a rededication to better customer service and artist relations, and an increase in quality shows/bookings. 

El Corazon — which consistently outpaces other well-known venues like Neumos and The Crocodile on Pollstar’s Worldwide Ticket Sales ranking for Club Venues — just celebrated its 10th anniversary in February. Sims, Foss and Kuckelburg look forward to serving the local music scene for decades to come.

“I’ve been a business owner in the Cascade neighborhood for the last 17 years,” says Kuckelburg. “Every day we see Seattle change bit by bit and maybe it’s not to our liking, With the three of us joining forces and by purchasing the building, the local music and bar scene can be assured there’ll be a place for people to come together, to enjoy quality live music, and to collaborate and share ideas over a few pints for years to come.”


2 thoughts on “The Funhouse Seattle Returns

  1. Jason says:

    Nice to read some good news:)

  2. Zoey says:

    If they want better band relations, let someone else book instead of Dana. He’s a dick.

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