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The Hoot Hoots: Just Wanna Have Fun

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Timberfest 2015 Preview
The Hoot Hoots 

The Hoot Hoots released zippy, addictive album called COLORPUNCH last November, which is weird considering it’s a perfect summer album. Based on the crunch-pop maximalism that spans the record, not to mention the infectious and bottomless energy exhibited throughout, The Hoot Hoots don’t like to do things normally.

As a Seattle-based four-piece, the band has developed a reputation for sets as bold as their magnificent rainbow garb. However, for having such an illustrious image, The Hoot Hoots’ musical approach is straightforward and pop-friendly, like a garage rock group that also LARPs on the weekends.

Their set for Timber! takes place on the mainstage at 4:40 on Friday and will likely be a much-needed rejuvenation between post-lunch lounging and ramping up for the evening. There’s just something so beautiful about a talented group of musicians who just deeply want to have fun, and The Hoot Hoots have it in spades.

Photo above by Christine Mitchell at Big BLDG Bash. Art installation by Kelly Fleek of The Spider Ferns

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