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The Long Winters Rock Lacey’s Ass

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Classic Nada is a series wherein we share lost articles from our first ten years, 1997-2007, so that we may simultaneous recall and mock our former selves. This one had a pretty sweet headline, for starters. 

ALive and Kicking – The Long Winters
Lacey Music in the Park
August 4, 2004
By Adam Lawrence
Original post 

One of my favorite bands played in the middle of a State building compound during lunch hour last week. The Long Winters came to Lacey, Wash. to play a noontime show before a crowd of about 40, 14 of which were toddlers under the age of five. To say the setting was surreal for one of Seattle’s most promising bands is a small understatement.

The City of Lacey must have given one of the younger staff a slot in this year’s Music in the Park program. Usually State workers are serenaded weekly by klezmer bands and inane jugglers and clowns. As the organizer announced before the show began, the Long Winters were the first rock band they’ve had in three years. Similarly, it hadn’t rained on any of their hour-long concerts in as long. This afternoon the Long Winters were groundbreaking in two ways.

The rain let up soon after the MC’s introduction, whose endearing cluelessness led her to introduce “The Long Winters Band.” Frontman John Roderick seemed to be rolling with the bizarre theme of the day and launched into “Stupid”. A few comments about the children later, Roderick was already taking requests. Most of 2003’s outstanding When I Pretend To Fall was played, but a couple of tracks from their debut record encouraged me to give The Worst You Can Do Is Harm another shot.

I can honestly say this is the only Long Winters show I will probably attend where I had to do battle with a pesky bee. The tree I was leaning on apparently was his home, and he didn’t cotton to me trespassing – or to the fantastic rock n’ roll being played just 15 yards from his doorstep. Some bees have no taste.

Curious state workers ventured out from their offices one at a time. I wish I could say they had their assholes forever rocked, but they mostly just went over to the BBQ stand. For most attending, The Long Winters Band was just that day’s entertainment. Now if just one of those 5 year-olds were listening…

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