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The West: Throwing Parties Not Punches

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The West – Never The Place
Self Released

Seattle seems to have an overabundance of bands with a false sense of bravado, so it’s refreshing that the songs on The West’s new album, Never The Place, don’t make you wanna throw punches so much as they make you wanna throw parties.

Don’t get me wrong, I liked being angry and tough in my 20’s. But now it’s all about the good time. And Never The Place is a damn good time. Each of tracks are dance-oriented indie rock gems that push the party further and further until finally the 34 minute album finishes and you want to play it again.

For some bands it may be unwise to wait a minute into the first song for any vocals to kick in, especially on an album that’s driven primarily by the singing, but setting the album’s dancey foundation with a funky opening instrumental before highlighting the band’s excellent guy/girl vocals was a smart and tactical choice for The West.

I prefer to watch people dance than to actually shake my own ass, but I have a feeling that after listening to The West’s new record back-to-back I may actually throw down at the Crocodile on Saturday, August 9 when the perform Ever-So-Android, The Hoot Hoots and Ayo Dot.

(Updated August 9 with the “Never The Place video.) 

2 thoughts on “The West: Throwing Parties Not Punches

  1. Jared C. says:

    See you there!

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