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This Blinding Light: Spacey, In the Best Possible Sense

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This Blinding Light – Seven Feathers
By Samantha Gilweit

As someone who has repeatedly paid money to telephone psychics, This Blinding Light’s latest work, Seven Feathers, already had my new-age ass by naming all of its songs after celestial bodies.

Appropriately, this record is spacey, in the best possible sense. Echoing reverb, cutting vocals, and expansive psychedelic riffs all give this album the feeling like, “holy shit, someday we’re all going to be engulfed by a giant black hole, but I’m kinda, totally chill with that.”

Following the flight path of early acid-rock pioneers of the 70’s, Seven Feathers also adds elements reminiscent of early 90’s alternative rock. Listen closely and you’ll detect the influence of My Bloody Valentine and Sonic Youth, without it ever sounding derivative. Simply, if you need to just rock the fuck out, check out album highlight “Mars,” which will have you in a fist pumping, head banging, dazed fervor.

Seven Feathers is a star ship flying through the universe, but it’s dirty with moon dust or comet jizz, or whatever the fuck is actually in outer space. – (8/10)

This Blinding Light play the Seattle Sea Gaze Festival at the Lo-Fi Gallery on April 21.

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