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Interview: This Man Can Lick Any Sonofabitch in the House

Posted by December 18th, 2003 1 Comment » Interview: I Can Lick Any SOB in the House
Q & A With Michael Damron’s love affair with Portland’s I Can Lick Any SOB in the House is no secret. We liked their set so much when they opened for the Supersuckers last Spring at The Tractor Tavern that we invited them to play one of our monthly showcases at Chop Suey, an invitation they cordially accepted. They’re also a frequently-visited link in our weblinks system and have generated discussion on our message boards.

In preview of the band’s return to the Tractor Tavern December 21st, again with the countrified Supersuckers, I chatted with front man Mike D about some stuff. It went a little bit like this. Haven’t seen you in a while. How the hell are ya? 
Mike D: Tired man. I just had a 40th birthday last night and drank so much goddamn whiskey…blessed with sweet, sweet addiction.

NM: I sadly know just what you’re talking about. Eat a cheeseburger, drink a big glass of water and take a nap. That is, after you give me a quick update on what the band is up to. 
MD: We just contributed a track to a Young Fresh Fellows tribute CD. It’ll be out in the summer 2004. Also on the record are Robin Hitchcock, The Makers, The Presidents of the USA, Visqueen etc. We are also working on the next record. I think we’re gonna call it Wretched Me.

NM: I’m dying to know which YFF song you did. 
MD: “Hillbilly Drummer Girl.” 

NM: Perfect. You’re playing Seattle Dec 21, again with the countrified Supersuckers. We first saw your awesome live show on a similar bill at the same venue. How’d you get hooked up with that gig? 
MD: Dan at the Tractor has been a good friend to us, giving us a hand up there in Seattle. Sara too, she rocks. Also, Eddie and Ron from the Suckers took a shine to us when we played with them in Salt Lake City and gave us the OK to open. Those cats fuckin rock!!! Pure Evil!

NM: They’ve rocked all twenty times I’ve seen them play, that’s for sure. Talk a little about the differences between the “scenes” and playing gigs in Seattle vs. Portland. 
MD: I don’t like scenes. Portland rocks, Seattle rocks….the only difference is that Seattle folks are a little more intense.

NM: You’re headed out on tour soon. This will be your first time getting all the way to the East Coast, right? 
MD: Yep, can’t wait!!! I’ve never really been. Then we are gonna keep on it ‘til Conan O’Brien is begging for us.

NM: If there’s any fuckin’ justice in this world, he will be soon. So the year’s almost out and everyone’s doing best of 2003. Which recent albums will get the most air time in the ICLASOB tour van when you hit the road? 
MD: That’s a no-brainer, The Mighty Hex County!!!

NM: Those guys kick ass all right. After you hooked us up with Chris and Jeff we had them play a house party, and later they opened one of our Chop Suey showcases. How’d you hear about those guys initially? 
MD: We just got thrown on a bill with ’em at the Central. Just pure luck. The gods of rock were with us on that night.

NM: Speaking of rock gods, you’ve got a link up to Alejandro Fund on your site. Tell our readers a little about that. 
MD: Al is an amazing singer/songwriter from Texas who got Hepatitis C. He makes his living touring and now he can’t. The health care system in this country sucks, so buy his records!!

NM: When you played our Swamp Country Showcase at Chop Suey this past September you said you like all styles of music, but that one common element has to be the lyrics. It has to SAY something. Give us some examples of musicians who sound different but affect you powerfully with their words. 
MD: Richard Buckner, Tupac, shit, Public Enemy for sure. Hanoi Rocks always moved me with their lyrics. I’ve been listening to Jesus Christ Superstar all week. Awesome fuckin record!!! Beautiful.

NM: Your songs don’t back down from issues that are important to you. “Dear Mr Heston” in particular takes on an important social topic. Would you consider your music to be political? 
MD: Too a degree. I don’t wanna get pigeon-holed, though. RATM can’t write a love song, neither can Slayer. They both do what they do great, but they can’t be anywhere but where they are.

NM: What else should I ask you about? 
MD: Ask me ‘bout how shitty it is to be forty with the mind of a 16-year-old and how much our band loves the ladies in Hells Belles.

NM: How shitty is it to be forty with the mind of a 16-year-old? 
MD: My heart says go go go, my intestines and liver say chill out you silly old bastard!

NM: And, um, ….how much do you guys love the ladies in Hells Belles
MD: We would literally snatch the moon up out the sky for them!

NM: Can you lick any sonofabitch in the House? 
MD: If need be.

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