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Toro Y Moi: Plenty of Enjoyable, Laid-Back Sounds

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Toro Y Moi 
Live @ Showbox at the Market 
November 12, 2013 
By Derek York

I was drawn to Chaz Bundick’s music because of his strange stage moniker, Toro Y Moi. I wasn’t sure if it was a Spanish-French blend, or some new word I didn’t know. Was it “moi” like the French for “me”, or “moi”” that sounds like “poi”, that weird Hawaiian food that I’ve heard about but never tried? Either way, with a name like that I really didn’t know what to expect. I was further intrigued when I found out he already had a name to be reckoned with – Chazwick Bradley Bundick.

Well, it turns out the French won, but regardless of title, from my first listen I really liked what I heard. Toro Y Moi’s music is the Google definition of “Chill Wave,” so I will go along with that descriptor. The tunes are cool smooth, and they have an addictive quality.  They compel me to spontaneously sway-dance (poorly), whether in the car or the kitchen.

“Say That”, the first single from the latest Toro Y Moie album, Anything in Return, is enjoying play on KEXP and plenty of hits on YouTube, and with it’s smooth vocal hooks and catchy beats, I’m hitting repeat. The album doesn’t just rely on a single hit song, though. It has plenty of enjoyable, laid back sounds throughout and there’s an old soul touch to his songs that gives them a throwback feel.

Toro Y Moi will be grooving Showbox at the Market on Tuesday night and I can’t wait to take my lady out for dinner and a show, complete with great music and bad dancing.  I am very excited to see how a live performance will translate, and I’m bringing a few extra bucks to grab a copy of his new 7” that’s only available on the tour.

Touring with Toro Y Moi are L.A. production tour Classixx. They’ll be in Vancouver B.C. on November 10 and in Portland, Ore. on November 13. 

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