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Uptime: DTCV’s Sleeky Rock ‘n Roll

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DTCV – Uptime!
By Cee Cee Hill

DTCV is a French-American band whose moniker is an abbreviation referring to Jean-Luc Godard’s film, Detective. Comprised of ex-Guided By Voices member James Greer on guitar and vocals, Guylaine Vivarat on bass and vocals and Chris Dunn on drums, one may expect arty post punk that’s kind of hard to swallow, but nothing is further than the reality.

Uptime!, the group’s fourth record, starts with an energetic drum rhythm followed by a cool bass line and a very catchy “hahaha.” The song, “Astros,” seems very appropriate to introduce the spirit of the album, which is a mixture of rock guitars with pop melodies. Guylaine’s voice is warm and sweet but at the same time it can be intense. Her voice counterbalances perfectly James’ rough guitar creating sexy rock’n roll songs.

The title of the songs are interesting: “Miley Cirus Wins the Race,” Rock’n’Roll Hall of Fame Induction Song,” Invitation for a Beheading,” and “Last Lonely Man” are a few examples.  Are they talking about Miley Cyrus? Are they dreaming about being inducted into the Rock’n’roll hall of fame? DTCV don’t take themselves as seriously so it’s more likely that this is just a demonstration of their good sense of humor.

Overall, the album binds perfectly a California sound with the atmosphere of French old movies and it looks like there is an effort for making the record an entity, not just a bunch of songs together. For example, there is an instrumental song “Bay of Pigs,” just in the middle of the album that serves as an intermission. Most of the songs are sung by Guylaine but Greer also adds vocals in a few songs, which comes across a little weird.

DTCV makes sleeky rock’n’roll. Sometimes powerful but sometimes it can get a little dull. In all, it’s a nice album to listen to and I’m curious to see them live. – (8/10)

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