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Vacillating Meter: Local Band with Terrible Name Makes Solid Debut

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Indecisive Rhythm
Tales from the Dumpster
May 2008 (Self Released)
By P.W. Richardson

Indecisive Rhythm is the brainchild of Amy Mustoe, who has been working the Seattle scene for more than five years with various incarnations of her power pop trio. The band’s sound (lovingly referred to as ‘dumpster pop’) has undergone a series of changes over the years, but with its current and longest-standing line-up, IR seems ready to prove itself as one of Seattle’s best performing acts.

IR’s rhythm section erupts from drummer Sean Boil on the double-kick trap kit and bassist Riley (Thunderspiel) holding down the low-end and providing backing vocals. Some of the credit to IR’s current down-low and dirty, but consistently tight sound goes to Seattle producer Steve Jones, who put the band through the ringer on their latest release.

Tales from the Dumpster cuts-to-the-quick on the lead track –‘12/21’ — an Armageddon-rocker with a heavy jungle beat. Mustoe’s fascination with the Mayan Calendar end-times is prevalent in her lyrical urgency: “Before the demons take me out to hell, I’m gonna party it up until the end of the world.” From there, the record segues from a rough ‘n tough beginning into some very open and personal tracks. ‘Seize the Day’ is the album sleeper, providing a unique contrast in mood and tempo. The mid-album tracks all groove with a lazy cow-punk feel. The rhythm section wisely drops back, allowing Mustoe to really showcase her pipes.

The last song, simply titled ‘The Makeout Song,’ is a quintessential pop-rocker and would have worked just as well as the album opener. But, true to the IR spirit, this ready for radio hit sits at the end of the record, almost just to fuck with you. It’s a pay-off to a thoughtful, well-crafted album. Bring a date to the next show and participate in the mega-make-out-fest when IR busts this baby out. The song, and the band, just may be the next big thing in Seattle. – (8/10)

Indecisive Rhythm plays the /Monkey Pub July 5/Bit Saloon July 19

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