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Video Debut: “Pseudosupervillain” by Actionesse

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By Stephanie Dore

Here at NadaMucho, we’re all about the local music love, so it’s with pleasure we bring you the exclusive release of “Pseudosupervillain,” the new video from local garage-surf-punk band Actionesse.

The track, the second release from their forthcoming debut EP, Mignon, features the band’s controlled chaos to a T, with dirty, ska horns and clamoring vocals that rise to a boiling point.

In its video incarnation, two rival tennis teams take an ironic spin on the court in the match of their lives. Suited up, swigging from a flask, throwing rackets, and losing mustaches, the players bring to life the jam-packed frustration and plummeting rock and roll rhythms of the promising new tunes.

The EP, recorded with Ahren Lanfor – who boasts work for a long roster of other local up-and-comers – in Tacoma, “Was really fun to make,” says bassist Paddy Moran. “We kinda consider it to be our best representation of how we sound right now.” The cover features a pretty stellar handmade knit pig’s head on a platter. The pig’s name, by the way, is Grundy.

Actionesse is currently preparing new material to debut at their release party Sept. 16 at Highline Bar with Crystal Desert and Filthy FemCorps.

Mignon is available FREE on Bandcamp beginning Sept. 1.


Track list:

1) This Is What My Anxiety Sounds Like (stream now)

2) The Imposter

3) Pseudosupervillain

4) Phil’s Lament

5) Shark Hunting

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