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Video Premiere: Patrick Galactic Shares “Ageless”

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By Patrick Galactic

Hey it’s the Softly Burning Boy, singer-songwriter Patrick Galactic here, back from an 18-month silence to bring you my newest video “Ageless”. This is the final track on my EP No Future to Fear, released in February 2020. Because the album was dark and cerebral, it didn’t feel right to push it onto the public as the pandemic took over our lives. In such a bleak time, I wasn’t even feeling it, how could anyone else?

Fortunately things change. Like…a lot. As the pandemic raged on, I realized I couldn’t sit around and just wait for it to end. So I started a Twitch stream called WEIRD at NIGHT, dedicated to what I call creative conversation. We share music, videos, drag, dance, comedy and make some inspired sketch comedy ourselves. And my friend, the artist who painted the album cover for “No Future to Fear,” MD Jenkins started sending me short, 15-second animations set to the tune of “Ageless.” He created 15 more seconds before every episode so, as the track is 5 minutes long, the WEIRD at NIGHT community watched this video grow 15 seconds at a time for 20 episodes. It was magical.

As a track, “Ageless” means a lot to me. I wrote it in an evening of nihilistic indifference. Indifference to life. To death. We all fear death so much but why don’t we fear the constraints and restrictions of our lives? It was a pessimistic point of view, one I don’t feel every minute of every day. But I felt I captured it well. My collaborators, Ian Sides on bass and percussion samples and Emily Ravenscraft, violin, helped me craft a perfect score to my existential dread. Simon Nicol mixed this beautifully and we co-produced the album together. Lastly, my hats off to Rachel Field at Resonant Mastering for her excellent work.

As a video “Ageless” means even more than the track itself. MD Jenkins’s beautiful distillation of my lyrics into ta line-drawn surrealist landscape exceeded any expectation I could have had. MD is simply one of the most talented all-around artists I’ve ever met and you all would be a lot better off getting to know his work. 

But for now, please enjoy “Ageless”. From a time of maximum anxiety and uncertainty, beauty and authenticity were created. 

Learn more about Patrick on his website

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3 thoughts on “Video Premiere: Patrick Galactic Shares “Ageless”

  1. Bicentennial Bébé says:

    Love it!

  2. Lee Taylor says:

    Very haunting and good. I went somewhere else.

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