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Wake Up Alone: Wiscon Release New Video

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Last Friday, local “joy-wave” band Wiscon, who appear on our list of “41 Bands Seattle we’re Watching in 2016,” released a brand new single called “Wake Up.”

The track, which was recorded by music maven Brandon Eggleston (Mountain Goats, Modest Mouse, The Dandy Warhols), features warm, fuzzy guitar and synthesizer sounds and claustrophobic drumming, resulting in a Devo-like quirkiness. Paired with Taryn Renee Dorsey’s strong, Mowtown-style vocals and layered harmonies the result is something of a Jetson’s themed sock-hop scored by the bastard child of Mary Wells and the Rentals.

The band seems to have a good sense for storytelling, both with the song’s lyrics and the accompanying official video. This is a full-fledged early MTV-style short film starring the band as both characters and performers, intended for active viewing to give the song added meaning. I love the shots of the band members’ images performing as a projection on their bodies, and I kind of want they to set up while I’m sleeping and wake me up with the song like they do to Dorsey at the video’s conclusion, though oddly enough she seems to have another member of the in bed with her on this particular morning. Perhaps they have some sort of Fleetwood Mac style thing going to make sure they don’t actually wake up alone?

“Wake Up” is first installment in a trilogy of singles Wiscon will release this summer, fall and winter. Here’s the song on SoundCloud. Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

Wiscon play El Corazon July 24 with expertly named band The Menstruators and at Substation on October 21 as part of our second annual festival of new bands we like, #NadaFest.

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