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#WeMakeEvents Paints Cities Red in Support of Music Industry Restart

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Don’t Let Events Go Dark

By Caroline Anne, Artpunk
Photos by Caroline Anne and Jon Dun

Note: For more photos from the We Make Events Seattle PUSH March, visit the album on our Flickr page.

On September 1, 2020, #WeMakeEvents North America, a group formed of industry professionals, trades professionals, businesses, unions, nonprofits and freelance artists, lit up their venues, homes, and cities in red in over 2,000 locations across North America.

Seattle’s “Push ” march started at the historic Paramount Theatre, with a little bit of style and comedy (as to be expected from the over 300 event professionals).

A very large and brightly lit led screen displaying the words “WE ARE EVENTS ” was pulled by a black truck, loudly playing “There’s no people like show people”, as the drowning sounds of dozens of cases were pushed by unemployed live event workers and flowed, one by one (and 6ft apart) onto Pine Street.

Grand Marshall, Tami Goldfadim, directed case pushers and partipants for the two mile, city approved, march through downtown Seattle.

Organizers, Tyler Alexander, Autumn Jacobs, Joe Cole and Oliver Little assisted with operations on the ground and kept the positive momentum going on a hot Seattle evening. 

Showbox security staff ensured a safe route and had remote eyes on traffic feeds and fast feet on the ground that escorted participants through tricky and busy intersections.   

Making stops at several venues such as ACT Theatre, Showbox at the Market, The Crocodile, Moore Theatre, The Triple Door , 27 square block cases had letters attached and when lined up together, revealed the phrase “#WE MAKE EVENTS”.

Participating venues were also lit in red lights in solidarity and posted the hashtags #RedAlertRestart #WeMakeEvents #ExtendPUA on their marques.  

Participants used their creativity to represent their area of expertise. A light tech carried a stage light, an audio engineer pushed a soundboard, several riggers had ropes over their shoulders, some wore hard hats and harnesses and theater professionals pushed their costume racks. 

Union members (some seen in the national public service announcements for Seattle) proudly wore their local union shirts and carried hand crafted union signs.

Several families pushed their kids in strollers and one stagehand pushed their stage puppies on top of their case.

Most impressive were the two catering professionals, who not only pushed a case full of snacks and water, but served everyone in need with smiling eyes.

Those who did not carry gear, carried signs to state the dire situation of the arts and entertainment industry and to raise awareness for the Restart Act (continuation of pandemic unemployment assistance and help for small businesses). 

Thanks in part to Pearl Jam’s Vitalogy Foundation several iconic public buildings were lit in red, such as The Space Needle, Century Link Field and T-Mobile Park.

As the march came to a close, participants gathered at Westlake Centre as several speakers prepared to speak before the crowd.

A moment of reflection, thanks and acknowledgment was given to the indigenous Duwamish land on which the crowd was gathered.

Speakers gave a personal account of how the live events shutdown has affected their lives and offered hope and information on resources for those needing financial or medical assistance. 

Each speaker also encouraged the crowd to write to their local representative in order for congress to pass the Restart Act.

 As sundown and a glow of red lights from the trucks fell upon the crowd, the PSA video for Seattle’s “We Make Events” played on a large LED screen. 

Even though everyone listening wore a face covering, it wasn’t hard to see eyes tearing up, as they heard the voices of their fellow workers pleading “Please don’t forget us.”

For more information on the Restart act, and to learn how to be involved or to watch a rebroadcast of the North American livestream, go to:

Push ” We Are Events ” March
September 1, 2020, Seattle, WA

Seattle Organizers:

  • Tyler Alexander
  • Autumn Jacobs
  • Joe Cole 
  • Tami Goldfadim  

Emcee and Grand Marshall

  • Tami Goldfadim


  • Jennifer Bacon – President IATSE Local 15
  • Bess Sullivan – Vice President of IATSE Local 15
  • Nicole Grant – With MLK labor
  • April Sims – WSLC (The Washington State Labor Council)


  • Artpunk Photography
  • Jon Dun Photography

We Make Events

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