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We’re Not Worthy: Lizzo & Tayla Parx’ Sold-out Showbox Performance

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Lizzo with Tayla Parx @ The Showbox Sodo
April 28, 2019 in Seattle
Review by Lindsey Potter; Photos by Eric Tra

There are many things that define what it means to be a millennial, but “laziness” leads the list when it comes to stereotypes made about my generation. This ran through my mind as Taylar Parx emerged alone on the brightly lit Showbox Sodo stage on April 28. Here’s an amazingly talented artist who has accomplished more than many will ever dream to, and she’s only 25. So much for laziness.

In a generation that should be more warmly referred to as the side-hustle-generation who manages to create dope careers by doing a little of everything, I have so many respect for the Tayla Parx’s of the world. 

The Dallas native has already built a successful solo career and co-written hits with mega-stars such as Ariana Grande, Panic! At The Disco, Janelle Monae, and Khalid. These are accomplishments that rightly earned her a spot opening for rising mega-star Lizzo on her current tour, which stopped in Seattle on April 28.

Parx took the stage bookended by inflatable cacti in what I can only describe as the “cool girl version of oversized bedazzled quilted vest and a bucket hat.” She held everyone’s attention as she delivered a flawless set that sounded as tight as her recorded music.

Now on to Lizzo.

First off, let me just say that if you ever have a chance to see Lizzo YOU SHOULD ALWAYS TAKE IT. I first learned about the Minneapolis artist at Capitol Hill Block Party (CHBP) a few years ago, then saw her at Sasquatch last year, and I will for sure be front and center when she graces CHBP again this year.

If you don’t understand why I sound borderline insane about my devotion to Queen Lizzo, let me paint a picture of this talented diva for you. On April 28, she took the Showbox stage in a high cut bodysuit with a tight cherry red corset over top. The top half of the body suit was supposed to look like she was exposed on one side and there was just a glittery nipple on display. Diva status reason #1.

The smoke cleared and she started in with ballads about self-love, positive body image, and dropping men that are not worth her time. After only a couple of songs, the crowd began chanting her name in unison for so long that she had to pause before continuing. Eventually she took these breaks as an opportunity to share life lessons – the ones that led to many of her most empowering songs. At one point she even had us chant the message she tells herself every day in the mirror: “I love you. You are beautiful. You can do anything.” She explained that someday we will all learn to believe that about ourselves, and then launched into “Soulmate,” which emphasizes that each one of us is the true love of our life. Diva status reason #2. 

In addition to her uplifting message, I am always amazed by Lizzo’s sheer vocal talent and the energy she is able to create during her shows. The craziest part is that she brought her A-game despite being sick. At one point she admitted being worried about not performing at her normal level because of her cough. She then proceeded to say, “If I can survive a fuckboy, I can survive this cough.” Diva status reason #3.

Between the booming voice, big choreography with her team of dancers, and playing the flute to conclude her encore song, Lizzo’s Showbox performance last month was one of my favorite sets of the year. I walked into the venue as my usual wallflower self, and left feeling like Beyonce stomping through life. Lizzo is magic.

Check out Eric’s full album of photos from this show on our Flickr page.

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