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What’s Wrong with this Picture? Brooks & Dunn Make the Cover of Country Magazine, Creep Out Reader

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Longtime reader Aaron Semer stopped by the office recently to drop off this thought-provoking issue of Country Magazine.

The cover of the periodical – which was found on an end table inside Seattle’s Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center – disturbed Aaron greatly, but he wasn’t exactly sure why, so he decided to hand it over to us for further inspection.

This turned out to be a wise move, as it took our experts just under three hours to determine the real problem with the magazine’s cover.

If you take a close look at Ronnie Dunn (the charming fellow on the left), you’ll notice his beard is completely disproportionate to his hair. In fact, they’re of two distinctly different follicular genres.

Dunn’s unfortunate condition is the direct result of improper management of the Norelco Maverick Beard Trimmer. You see, he clearly has his Maverick locked in on the number 7 setting. Any knowledgeable beard groomer knows that this is too high of a setting, thus too thick of a beard to accompany such a slick, well-coifed hairstyle. The beard is too long, too unkempt, and quite honestly, too masculine. A lower setting, say a 3 or a 4, would streamline the beard, making it far more apropos for his overall look, and far less disturbing.

Aside from that, we found nothing wrong with this cover photo.

Nor did we take issue with the following ads, discovered on the back pages of the same magazine…


Butt wait, there’s more…

Editor’s Note: Dan Lurie is a regular NadaMucho contributor. This story originally appeared on his thought-provoking blog Erasable Pen.


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