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Whitney’s Latest Album: Vocally Stunning

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Whitney – Light Upon the Lake
By Sam Wingspan

I have listened to Light Upon The Lake, the debut album by Whitney, three times in a row now. Not because I have a super analytical brain that needs to pick it apart like I’m watching Eraserhead on three cups of coffee; it’s because I have simply wanted to hear it again and again.

The band, comprised of Julian Ehrlich and Max Kakacek, is a vocally stunning and atypically yet deliciously-jarring epoch for what is sure to be a band that’s swiftly on the rise. The tracks range anywhere from the kind of ethereal songs you hand-dance to on a long, sunny day drive, to haunting and melodic, with no preparation in between.

Enjoy this album. I don’t want to ruin the surprise.

Whitney are scheduled to perform April 11, 2017 at Neumos in Seattle. Tickets are still available. This post also appeared on our sister publication, Savage Henry.

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