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Who the Hell is Savage Lucy?

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Tablet’s Who The Hell Is This Band?
Savage Lucy
Text By: Meredith McGuire
Photo: Stephanie Bury

Savage Lucy are three teens from Ellensburg making an ear-splittingly loud, colorful, musical splash in both their home town and Seattle. They recently made their Seattle musical debut at the Vera Project with the Epoxies. : You say you are Now Wave. What’s that?

AHxNaha: People asked us what kind of music we were. We didn’t know how to describe us, and we didn’t wanna say punk. So we thought we’d say Now Wave, because all the bands that we were into and read about were from Seattle, and they were being called Now Wave. So we thought we should call ourselves that if we wanted to be a part of that scene.

Val: New wave is just like… well… 80s. That’s how I think of it anyway, ha ha, new wave is Savage Lucy nowadays.

Tablet: What’s it like to be a teen-punk in Ellensburg?

A: To be a teen-punk? Hmm, well, we aren’t really punks. I know we say we are, but just to let you know, we aren’t. We are pretty dorky actually. We disguise ourselves as punks, that way we don’t seem completely weird. To be us, well for me it kinda sucks. I’m really enjoying life right now just because of the band. It’s hard to be here in Ellensburg. I got a flashlight thrown at me once. Imagine being 13 years old and having people yelling obscenities to you out from their car or being followed home by your ex-best friend. Ha! Yeah, kinda scary sometimes.

Polly: Being anything but a hick-asshole-cowboy in Ellensburg is nothing but trouble. I get “Freak!” yelled at me from cars, and my own science teacher called me a stoner. It sucks here, it truly does. Savage Lucy is the only good thing about it. Just today a kid at school told me I couldn’t be smarter than him ’cause I’ve got pink hair.

V: Ha ha, it’s great, but yeah, we aren’t like REAL punks. We’re just trying to be different and I think that’s why so many people hate us and love us equally. Well, more people hate us than love us, but who gives? They just don’t understand who we really are.

Tablet: What’s in the future for you?

A: We are planning a summer tour for July in 2004 with this band from Issaquah called the Pranks. And we are going to be on this compilation coming out at the end of this year on Go-Kart Records. They won’t sign us, but they want to put us on the comp. They said it was going to be featuring girl-fronted bands. Other bands on it will be the Epoxies, Manda and the Marbles, and Tsunami Bomb. I hear 15 bands total. But we are hoping to get signed … eventually. So if you know of any labels that might be interested… GIVE US A CALL!

V: Well, I really hate to say this, but I know I’m not gonna be in this band forever. I wish I could, but AHxNaha’s dreams and Polly’s dreams are different from mine. We are planning a tour, but right at the moment, nothing is for certain, because getting through the parentals is hard enough.

Savage Lucy can be reached through their MySpace page.

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