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Whose the MC behind the Mask?

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Live Preview: Leikeli47 @ The Crocodile
April 21, 2019 in Seattle
By Maurice Harnsberry

“Who’s that MC behind the mask,” you ask?

If you’re at the Crocodile in Seattle on Sunday, April 21 that’s gonna be Brooklyn-bred MC Leikeli47, who’s coming through in support of her critically-acclaimed 2018 album Acrylic, the second part of a trilogy that began with 2017’s Wash & Set.

The album finds her rapping and singing about beauty, empowerment, and identity amid a pastiche of sounds and styles, from bounce to Chicago house to dance-hall to trap. If you’ve seen the cult HBO show Insecure you might have already heard her music without knowing it: she’s been featured several times.

Live, Leikeli47 knows how to get the crowd hyped while delivering her spitfire rhymes wearing her signature mask (a balaclava / bandana a la Pussy Riot). Her performances are incredibly energetic and wild, so I’m expecting quite a show. Grab your tickets and join me.

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