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You Think You Know Sparks, But You Probably Don’t

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Sparks Live at the Neptune
Monday, April 22, 2013
By Andy Bookwalter 

You think you know Sparks, but it turns out you probably don’t.

Yes, Sparks is awkward 80’s dancing with Jane Wiedlin in “Cool Places” and Sparks is also Ron Mael’s toothbrush mustache. (We’re going with “toothbrush mustache” because calling it a “Hitler mustache” is kind of a cheap shot, and reference to Charlie Chaplin or use of the word “Chaplinesque” is what the hacks say when they’re trying to come up with something to say besides “Hitler mustache”.)

Anyway, back to the matter at hand.

Go to Youtube and watch, in order: “Wonder Girl”; “This Town Ain’t Big Enough For Both Of Us”; “Looks, Looks, Looks”; “Something For The Girl With Everything”; “When I’m With You”; “Suburban Homeboy”; “Perfume”; and finally, “Good Morning”. Not all perfect songs, but a pretty decent chronological walkabout through minimalist pop, theatrical overblown rock, jazz, techno/dance, and more. Toss “Angst In My Pants” and “Cool Places” in there if you want, they’re great songs and paid the rent for 25 years or so. Through the years, the mustache has occasionally strayed from toothbrush to arch-villain pencil thin.

Here’s the weird thing: We think we’re so cool, but in 40+ years Sparks has never played in Seattle. The land of ironic mustaches and we’ve never hosted Ron Mael. Make Sparks regret 40 years of snubbing Seattle by going to the Neptune on Monday night.


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