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Your Moment in Time: Windowpane Live @ The Showbox

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Windowpane, Van Eps, Klover Jane & Amanda Hardy
Live @ The Showbox Market in Seattle, WA
Jan. 16, 2016
By Gary Horn

Windowpane has become symbolic for the never-say-die, hard rocking Seattelites who identify with the heavy metal and grunge scenes all the way back to the 80s. Tonight is a sold out show for the band’s self-titled CD release party and anticipation is visible in the crowd. People want to party.

The first act is Amanda Hardy, a young artist who’s devoted the past five years practicing her riffs and developing her voice in order to kick some serious hard rock ass.

When she starts there’s a lot of head nodding in the crowd, and it never seems to stop. Her set has some solid numbers that demonstrate her strong yet smoothly rolling vocals, like “Lost,” Always,” and “All The Little Things.” Between songs she sprinkles in humble sentiments of appreciation for the crowd and other bands on the bill.

Amanda Hardy by Gary Horn for Nada Mucho

Amanda Hardy. Photo by Gary Horn.

Klover Jane launch into their high energy set, hitting it hard and heavy with their time-tested “Life For Life.” Looking like rugby players turned Guitar Hero avatars, the entire band stomps around on stage and often pose in wide-stances. The crowd responds, straining to catch lead singer Rane Stone’s attention with rock and roll devil horns held high.

Stone’s vocals are sometimes rumbling, sometimes piercing, but it’s his in-your-face style makes him an exceptional front man. During a song break Stone got real with the audience, confiding that singing for Klover Jane “is hard shit and that he needs a breather.” Yeah, no kidding.

Klover Jane @ The Showbox by Iron Mike Savoia

Klover Jane. Photo by “Iron” Mike Savoia.

Third in the lineup is Van Eps, a local band with a subtle southern rock influence. The crowd goes nuts as they start their set in front of a huge logo displayed on the back wall. Tonight they play a lot of new music, some of which test their skills. For example, Matt Strutynski’s vocals are noticeably challenged on “Cloud Person,” stretched high and thin at times, but he keeps it together and delivers the number convincingly.

Van Eps @ The Showbox by Iron Mike Savoia

Van Eps. Photo by “Iron” Mike Savoia.

Headliner Windowpane vocalist/guitarist Glenn Cannon welcomes fans to the show with humility and sincere appreciation but doesn’t hold back during their performance, singing with emotion and authority. This is true of the entire band’s stage presence. At times they even look angry, wielding their guitars like weapons.

Worth highlighting: more than once Cannon has to pause and collect himself, exhibiting vulnerability rarely found during a performance but wholeheartedly welcomed by the audience. During one break, he’s nearly brought to tears of appreciation, pointing at the crowd and exclaiming “This is not OUR moment in time, this is YOUR moment in time.”

(Check out more photos from Iron Mike on his Facebook page.) 

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