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Photo Set: Edge Soundtrack Release

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Words & Photos by Jim Toohey

The energy and community support for local author CJ Kinton and the artists that helped celebrate the release of her novel, Edge, and it’s accompanying soundtrack, was addictive last Saturday, Nov. 7 at the Skylark in West Seattle.

One highlight was Tacoma singer/songwriter Patrick Galactic, who’s added a violin since I saw him perform last month at Substation. It was a mesmerizing touch, especially on his dreamier songs.

Watching Galactic accompany fellow singer/songwriter Hell Mary was a delight as well. She has such a great rock and roll voice and her songs and performances just keep getting better and better.

Earlier in the night Tobias the Owl took me to a holy place and musical chameleon Wes Sp8 blew my head off too; it was the first time I’ve seen him perform with a full band.

Also lending their support were local artists Erin Fox and Starheadboy, who painted and drew original work throughout the night.

It was a blast connecting with these artists and getting some portraits back stage, some of which you can see in the photo set below.

Support the Edge through their Indie Gogo campaign.   

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