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Bumbershoot 2018: Seattle Team-Ups on Saturday

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Bumbershoot 2018 Preview
Saturday, Sept. 1 @ Seattle Center
By Todd Terry 

My Saturday Bumbershoot recommendations are all about great Seattle team-ups. Knife Knights is a collaboration between Ishmael Butler of Shabazz Palaces and Digable Planets fame, and acclaimed engineer, producer, and composer Erik Blood. The new project takes the spaced out psychedelic hip hop of Shabazz Palaces, and adds in elements of soul, shoegaze, and ambient noise. Wherever Knife Knights may take you, it is definitely going to be a trip.

OMNIBUS! is a podcast featuring Jeopardy champion and author Ken Jennings, and The Long Winters front man, writer, and politician John Roderick. Each episode is a new encyclopedic entry in their reference guide of strange but true stories. Previous episodes have addressed topics ranging from the Barefoot Bandit to Christian Science reading rooms to Hypercolor clothing. It sounds like these self-proclaimed “authorities on absolutely everything” create the best kind of learning experience. Comprehensive, entertaining, and trivial.

I am hoping that these combinations of talented people will be as good as that time Spider-Man and Man-Thing joined forces in Marvel Team-Up #122 “A Simple Twist of… Fate.”

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