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Cherry Glazzer @ Neumos: Recap & Photo Gallery

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Cherry Glazerr Live @ Neumos
March 7, 2019 in Seattle
By Eric Tra

L.A. rock trio Cherry Glazerr delivered a rocking performance to a sold out crowd at Neumos in Seattle on March 7. Their set included a heavy serving of the band’s latest album Stuffed and Ready as well as some O.G. Cherry Glazerr classics such as the dreamy, psych rock tracks “Teenage Girl” and “Grilled Cheese.”

Songs on Stuffed and Ready show equal parts maturity and angst. During the show’s opening track “Ohio,” Clementine Creevy on lead vox sings “I’m full of bad, bad problems” and later echoes “just take me away” as the song ends. This turn toward darkness undoubtedly provided the backbone for a more intense rock experience than what most Cherry Glazerr fans might be used to. The guitars are louder and angrier and, at times, Creevy’s vocals are punctuated with notes that turn into growls. Despite this shift, the response from fans remained positive.

Since Seattle last saw Cherry Glazerr at the city’s annual Bumbershoot Festival, the band’s lineup has shrunk from a four piece to a three piece following the departure of synth player Sasami Ashworth. However, despite being down one member, the band’s Neumos show still proved to be formidable with the ever-entertaining and fearless Creevy at the helm.

Catch the band on their Stuffed and Ready tour—you won’t regret it!


Had Ten Dollaz
Nurse Ratched
White’s Not My Color
Trash People
Juicy Socks
Grilled Cheese
Teenage Girl
Wasted Nun
Stupid Fish
Sip O’Poison


Time to Get Away
Told You

Check out more of Eric’s Cherry Glazerr photos in this album on our Flickr page.

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