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Diarrhea Planet in Seattle: Andy’s Crappy Review

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Diarrhea Planet Live @ The Tractor Tavern
Seattle, Wash
November 9, 2017
By Andy Bookwalter
Photos by Rachel Bennett

This is the review where Andy finally runs out of rambling anecdotes and self-absorbed diatribes and realizes that he should have done some more research on the band. But, really who’s got the time when you’re always on the run?

I love Diarrhea Planet. Even if I didn’t, I’d pretend like I did so I could drop the words “Diarrhea Planet” into casual conversation.

But I don’t have to pretend. They’re a fantastic Nashville band that employs four loudly played guitars. A band that works their asses off touring and playing about 200 shows a year.

Other than that, I know virtually nothing interesting about them, and I was kind of tired when they played to a packed Tractor Tavern earlier this month.

So, when it comes to this here review I promised, instead of talking about myself with a touch of band trivia sprinkled in like I know stuff, I sort of got nothing.

Here are my notes from the night, verbatim:

“Post-hardcore = emo, but with less sweaters?” (Written during Chrome Lakes‘ set of post-hardcore. Or emo.)
“Shit, I love these guys (Diarrhea Planet)”
“Oh shit that’s a lot of guitars”
“Poop puns: wanted to stay until the encore, but I had to run”
“Poop pun #2: DP dropped a dookie of rock tonight
“Poop pun #3: Don’t flush early on Diarrhea Planet’s four guitar attack”

That’s it. I’m supposed to craft a review from that?

Diarrhea Planet is a hell of a good band with a lot of guitars and I had a great time. That’s the best I can do.

Now check out Rachel’s pictures.

See more of Rachel’s pictures from this show on our Flickr page.

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