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Film Appreciation 101: Optimum Immersion

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As a self-proclaimed “Cinephile,” I pride myself on maximizing the experience whenever I watch a film. To do so, I recommend an approach I call “Optimum Immersion (OI).”

What is Optimum Immersion?

OI is when you know little or nothing about a film’s plot, setting, characters or actors. It means avoiding critical consensus and going in without any preconceived notions.

How does one achieve Optimum Immersion?

If you are a voracious consumer of digital content, it can be difficult to achieve true OI. Seeing films at festivals, or soon after they are broadly released, can help. So can avoiding reviews, articles and social media posts that aren’t marked “spoiler free.”

Why is Optimum Immersion important?

While it can be difficult to achieve these days, it’s important to strive for OI. Letting a work of art wash over you in its purest form creates a stronger connection between you and its creator. And when it comes to film, any early knowledge of the plot, or bias towards anyone involved, can get in the way of that connection. 

Ultimately, the closer you get to OI, the clearer your analysis the purer your enjoyment of the film viewing experience.

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