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We Like the Movie Called I Like Movies

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I Like Movies (2022)
Directed by Chandler Levack
Isaiah Lehtinen, Krista Bridges and Alex Ateah

As viewed at the 49th Annual Seattle International Film Festival (SIFF)

Here’s a film with a lead character who loves film as much as you do. Chandler Levack’s 2022 comedy/drama, I Like Movies, also shows you the inside of a real-life video store other than our beloved Scarecrow Video in Seattle. Sure, it’s set in early 2000’s Canada, but trust me the nostalgia is palpable.

Should we define or at least describe Lawrence, the film’s protagonist, before you see it? Probably not, because I hope I Like Movies gets wider distribution and I’d hate to ruin your Optimum Immersion. Without labeling him with a specific condition or disorder I will say he is selfish, entitled, narcissistic and abrasive. (So, your basic Millennial growing up?)

Played with abandon by Isaiah Lehtinen, Lawrence is also a classic underdog character – he has one friend, and this friend is helping him with a year-end school film. Can these two “stay on target” and complete the task? Will Lawrence get into NYU film school or is he destined for more humble endeavors?

This film’s setup in the first act is enjoyable. Once it moved into the conflict in the second act, I was emotionally engaged as well. Unlike most comedies, I Like Movies also nails it with the third act by delivering some honest resolution and catharsis for all.

Think of it as Lady Bird (2017) meets Clerks (1994), but with more references to Kubrick and PTA instead of Truffaut and Lucas. This film is fun, engaging and, for a lover of film, a must-see.

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