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Grandpa Goes to Sasquatch 2016: Day 1 Recap

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Sasquatch Music Festival
Friday, May 27, 2016
The Gorge Amphitheater
By Andy Bookwalter; Photos Matthew Lamb 

My full fashion report will come later, but what was going on with all the cloaked and staffed wizards at Sasquatch on Friday? It seemed like way too many too be a coincidence. Or maybe not? Maybe there were exactly the same ratio of wizards to non wizards as there is in the real world. I thought that it might be worth asking one of them to use one of their pants-conjuring spells, as I apparently forgot to pack any.

In addition to wizards, there was music. This year’s lineup skews a little more electronic than I do, which is forcing grandpa to expand his horizons. My awesome surprise of Friday was  the decidely un-electronic Andra Day (pictured above), who played fantastic set of soul, jazzy pop, tear jerkers, and covers of Prince, Bob Marley, and Queen, among others. Lazy comparison, but her sound was a bit of Nina Simone and a bit Amy Winehouse (the good bits, for the record) and her look referenced Rosie the Riveter, Janelle Monae, and a rockabilly Lucile Ball.

For the record, I’m not a hip hop guy. It’s just not something I grew up listening to. My sons are, however, so I trust them for recommendations. And they insisted I go see A$AP Rocky. The Harlem rapper also piqued my interest since he’s spent a bit of time in the Pacific Northwest, in both Oregon and Washington.

The first 20 minutes of Rocky’s set seemed to be someone backstage yelling at us and lots of lights, but it turns out that wasn’t actually the show. I’m glad I stuck around, because the actual show was intense and heartfelt and entertaining. Rocky swears a lot, but my 11 year-old says he hears it all on the bus anyway.

ASAP Rock @ Sasquatch 2016 by Matthew Lamb

A$AP Rocky poses for the kids

When I got back to the Command Center accommodations, Camper Van Bookwalter, there was a pair of fleecy pants in my bag that weren’t there earlier. Thanks wizards!

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