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La Luz: Made for Timberfest

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Chances are pretty good that, if by some horrible twist of fate you aren’t familiar with La Luz’s twangy take on beach rock, you’ve seen the word LUZER around town, printed on t-shirts in big block letters.

You may have seen them appear at an alarming frequency shortly after November of 2013, when the band was involved in a car accident that turned their tour van into a collapsed can of Rainier. After proving their indestructibility, they dusted themselves off and have remained the toughest band around.

Fittingly, their name is Spanish for “the light” since their band’s traditional surf rock is best suited for boozy afternoons on the shore. Sure, La Luz have a penchant for writing breezy, easygoing tunes but they employ an unusual level of toughness: often their harmonies are mysterious and worldly, wrapped in basslines that are formidable, to say the least. Are they going to serenade you? Haunt you? It honestly doesn’t matter because La Luz are perfectly suited for the unforgiving savagery of the outdoors. They were made for Timber Fest.

La Luz @ Bumbershoot 2014 by Jim Toohey for Nada Mucho

La Luz @ Bumbershoot 2014 by Jim Toohey for Nada Mucho

Every so often, an electric organ makes an appearance too, and it heightens every other quality within the song. The full-bodied riffs and snaking percussion are propelled from tight consistency to borderline stressful because you’ve somehow crash-landed into a 1960s surf-rock circus. This is simultaneously real, vintage, and current. La Luz induced this fever dream and you’re next on the tight-rope. Just make sure you don’t fall, luzer.

Get your tickets for Timber Fest 2015 now, Luzers!

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