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Photo Set: Big BLDG Bash 2015

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Big BLDG Bash took place June 6, 2015 in Seattle with nearly 50 artists performing on two courtyard “Yard” stages, a pair of industrial indoor performance areas called “Hangar 1” and “Hangar 2” and a couple of smaller rooms upstairs in the large green warehouse that hosted the event for it’s second year.

With several of the bands on our list of “41 Artists We’re Watching in 2015” on the bill alongside other emerging staff favorites and a bunch of new, independent bands we’d never heard, the bash truly felt like a triumph of the DIY community. Plus, local beer and food trucks just outside the building kept attendees well fed and fueled for the party, which lasted well in to the wee morning hours. We were fortunate to have Christine Mitchell, Jim Toohey, Pauline Basaraba and Sunny Martini all onsite to preserve the moment in photo.

Here’s a taste of what we got. The rest is on our Flickr page.

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