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Promote This: Evan Meulmans, Madness Blooms & Rowdy City

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Promote This is a long-running feature wherein we write about songs and videos by emerging and unsigned bands. This installment includes Evan Meulemans, Madness Blooms, and Rowdy City.

Evan Meulemans – “New Folk”

Evan Meulemans (pictured above) makes surprisingly upbeat and relateable for what I thought was a typical folk music. The production is top notch and all this kid needs is a chance for his music to grace the ending credits on the soon to be revived Gilmore Girls on Netflix. Then watch out, world. – Tim Basaraba

Madness Blooms – “Madness Blooms” (EP)

Once Madness Blooms‘ self titled EP begins, the listener is immediately aware that both Bradford and Meghan are serious. Each song is a journey into contemplative regret, sadness and guilt. Cathartically speaking, this duo must have worked out some major issues during the recording of this beautiful EP. Playing the whole thing in one sitting is emotionally debilitating but satisfying. Well produced with an immaculate “low end” that is consistently present on all songs, it is impossible to not to be taken by the ominous quality, like on the closing track “Over,” Which plays like a funeral dirge for a relationship with the female/male intertwining vocals repeating of the word “over.” Be prepared for therapy after multiple listens or better yet let Madness Blooms inspire you create your own cathartic masterpiece. – Tim Basaraba

Rowdy City – “WildN’ 4 Respect” / “Big Time”

The mix is nicely done, and I do like the sound of Ready Rock Dee’s voice, and that’s all the positives I have for this song. Rowdy City are treading overly-worn rhymes about guns, money and respect, with a touch of misogyny – which may, from what I hear of popular music, make them quite successful. Not much originality in the music, either, though I appreciate the beat-stopping effect of the stopping turntable sound. “Big Time” from their SoundCloud page – furiously pushing a one-penny album download – offers more of the same. – Abe Beeson

Mandess Blooms play TBASA’s Lo-Fi All Stars #76 April 4 at Substation. TBASA’s 77th installment of #TBLFAS is May 4 at 8 p.m. at Substation and features Patrick Galactic, Chuck Roast, Johnny Sangster, Graig Markel, and Robb Benson. 

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