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TBFLAS #76: Spinster, Brenda Xu, Madness Blooms & Norm Bowler

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On Wednesday, April 6, the 76th installment of my recurring acoustic showcase, TBASA’s Lo-Fi All-Stars, goes down at the new Substation venue in Ballard. Here are some thoughts on this month’s performers.


Spinster is a brand new band that has graciously chose to debut themselves at #TBLFAS. I know next to nothing about the band other than they have the endorsement of Brenda Xu and that is enough for me.

Brenda Xu

Brenda brings a special blend of pleasant sounding music with mindful composition that can appeal to musicians as well as a general audience. I am not exactly sure what combination of musicians she will bring this time but at previous events she has always mixed it up with interesting instrumentation and great players. Here is a video of her with friends at the now defunct White Rabbit in 2013:

Madness Blooms

Madness Blooms are TBLFAS alumni, stealing the show at both of their previous appearances. Learn more about their just released EP in our “Promote This” feature. Here is a video of the duo at the Benbow in 2013:

Norm Bowler

I know nothing about Norm Bowler other than that previous All Stars Paul Jenkins & Saint John vouched for him. #TBLFASMafia. Here is a video of Norm jamming out in a basement last year:

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