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Promote This: Mind Vice, NewRevolution & Pukesnake

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Promote This is a long-running feature wherein we write about songs and videos by emerging and unsigned bands. This installment includes Mind Vice, NewRevolution and Pukesnake.

Mind Vice – Consumer Nation EP

Mind Vice, a self-proclaimed Sludgefunk band from the depths of the PNW (pictured above), is more ass-shaking than head-banging – but we’re okay with that. Though their EP Consumer Nation could have easily been one track (instead of two), the never-ending guitar solos layered with funky Flea bass-lines more than cover up the fact. If you’re looking for plenty of pseudo-corporate metaphors belted out by a man who sounds like Ronnie James Dio in a suit, Mind Vice has got you covered. – Lance Ramsay

Listen to the title track from Consumer Nation 

NewRevolution – “Comeback For”

NewRevolution’s “Comeback For” misses the mark. Recalling Lupe Fiasco’s “Kick Push,” “Comeback for” seems to be aiming similar flow. The words “We just chillin’, coolin’, stereo bumpin’” get repeated over and over, which seems silly, as do other lyrics in the song. In fact, the vocals in the song are quite lackluster and sometimes off key. The beat is predictable and not very catchy, and the other sounds in the mix just distract, instead of adding value. The track just doesn’t land and sounds like the attempt of someone who wants to make music because it’s cool. Better luck next time, NewRevolution. – Adrienne Pollock

Listen to “Comeback For”

Pukesnake – “Apartment of Darkness”

Pukesnake. Damn, that’s a good name for a band. You bet your ass that the guys in Bread or Air Supply never came up with names like Pukesnake when they were trying to name themselves. The thing about a band named Pukesnake is you know what you’re in for. No one in this band is going to grow a beard and put out a ballad. Pukesnake plays great standard blues-based punk; think Butthole Surfers or Sloppy Seconds. From their Facebook thing “psychedelic street punk death blues litterbox sewer rock…,” which about covers it. See their BandCamp page for examples of Puke Rock. I recommend “Apartment of Darkness.”

Also: “Pukesnake pukesnake pukesnake.” – Andy Bookwalter

Listen to “Apartment of Darkness”

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