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Recap and Photo Gallery: Jungle @ The Showbox

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Jungle @ The Showbox
March 8, 2019 in Seattle
Words and Photos by Eric Tra

Once in a while you stumble across music that has certain infectious qualities. The kind that completely take over your body until you are possessed by the beat. Before you know it, you’re on the dance floor performing moves you never knew you had. It’s music like this that turn even the most steadfast wallflowers into dancing kings and queens before the opening track even finishes.

That’s the kind of effect London based neo-soul outfit, Jungle, have on audiences and their sold out show in Seattle was no different.

With only two full length albums under their belts, Jungle are fairly new to the music scene. However, despite their brief time in the spotlight so far, the band has already garnered a lot of attention with their feel-good, vintage-inspired style. Dancey songs like like “Heavy California” and “Happy Man” make it easy to see why this band is beloved by so many. Other favorite tracks from their Showbox performance included one of the band’s first singles, “The Heat” and “House in L.A.” a slower, dreamier and more melodic sounding song off of their latest release, For Ever.

Jungle’s ability to take classic 70’s soul influences and infuse them with tropical synth-based beats give their music a nostalgic yet unique quality that is almost indescribable while feeling familiar at the same time.

Whatever it is, this band is doing it right and fans everywhere can’t get enough. Be sure to catch Jungle on tour while you can, this is one show you don’t want to miss. Seattle-ites will have another chance to see the group this summer at the Capitol Hill Block Party.


Heavy California
The Heat
Happy Man
Beat 54 (All Good Now)
Lucky I Got What I Want
Lemonade Lake
House In L.A.

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