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Sunflower Bean Shines as Interpol Opener @ The Moore

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Sunflower Bean Live @ The Moore Theatre
February 2, 2019 in Seattle 
Words and Photos by Eric Tra

Psych rockers Sunflower Bean performed for a sold out show at Seattle’s Moore Theatre earlier this month as the openers for Interpol’s “Marauder” tour. The New York three piece played a nine-song set that featured their recent four track EP King of the Dudes in its entirety as well as songs from their previous albums Twentytwo in Blue, Human Ceremony and a track (“Tame Impala”) off of their 2015 EP Show Me Your Seven Secrets.

Sunflower Bean’s set featured a traditional guitar, bass, and drum set-up led by front woman Julia Cumming (on vox and bass). The performance not only showcased a variety of material spanning the band’s discography, but gave audiences a good ol’ taste of vintage sounding rock songs.

The foundation of the band’s sound is primarily psych rock but the band also draws influences from a wide variety of classic rock, from glam to punk. Poppier sounding songs like “King of the Dudes” showed off the band’s fun-loving nature were contrasted with songs like “The Big One”—a no-nonsense punk track.

While only nine songs, the set had a fantastic range of tunes making the experience for the fans that much more dynamic.

Sunflower Bean’s tour has a few more dates with Interpol before going out on their own in mid February promoting King of the Dudes. Be sure to catch them on the road if you can, you will not be disappointed!

2/2 Set list:

  • King of the Dudes
  • Twenty Two
  • Fear City
  • Tame Impala
  • I Was Home
  • Human For
  • I Was A Fool
  • Come For Me

Here are some of my favorite shots from Sunflower Bean’s set.

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