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SXSW Six Pack Bonus Can: The Magic of Mirror Travel Returns 

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BJM’s Anton Newcombe to Release Band’s European 10-Inch 

Resurfacing following a near half-year hiatus, Austin’s Mirror Travel provided an early SXSW highlight, reminding locals at Cheer Up Charlie’s of the mystical power generated by the band’s wall of sound –a sound that captured the attention of the Brian Jonestown Massacre’s Anton Newcombe in 2014.

Performing mostly new material from their next album, the band’s power for sonic hypnotism shows no signs of abating, as displayed by the beautifully plodding ‘Aasim,’ –a 3-minute trance of swirling velvet chord progressions and percussion, showcasing frontwoman Lauren Green’s capacity for cooing vocal countermelodies that were enlisted to great effect with the band’s debut album, Mexico.

That combination of dissonance, melody and authoritative and lilting vocal caramel resulted in one of the best albums of 2013 nationally, eventually earning the Austin three-piece a spot at 2014’s Austin’s Psych Fest (called Levitation as of 2015). It was there, the band raised the eyebrows of BJM’s Newcombe, who vowed via Twitter –just hours later after Mirror Travel’s set– to put out a 10-inch of the band.

Those ambitions will become a reality, Green told Nadamucho, confirming that Newcombe will be putting out a Mirror Travel 10-inch exclusively in Europe in either late June or early September, drawing upon four songs from their first album.

Back stateside, Green, who also writes soundtracks for film and ambient music, said the band’s upcoming EP on the Modern Outsider label is expected for summer release, with designs on Austin dates and a tour to follow.

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