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The Electric Six: Undisputed Kings of Hardcore Arena Disco Metal?

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Electric Six are from Detroit.

According to Rachel from The Detroit Cobras, bands in her home town tour as often as possible to get the hell out of Detroit for as long as possible.

At the same time, Detroit has become sort of hip, mostly for people who have never been there. This is due, in part, to bands like The White Stripes, Von Bondies, Dirtbombs, and yes, Electric Six.

Unlike any of the other super cool Michigan bands, Electric Six play dance music with an arena rock flavor, (or arena rock disco, or whatever) and made the dirtiest Abe Lincoln-themed video in American history for Gay Bar the most non-disco track off of Fire. Now they are touring to sell more copies of their expertly-titled new album, Electric Six has a suitcase. It's red. With a white cross.

Head out to Neumos on October 11 and help them become the undisputed kings of Hardcore Arena Disco Metal.

Ed note: Andy Bookwalter is a new guy. He likes to ride mopeds and fix things.

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