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Our Little Hyper Bully: A Tribute to TBASA

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At, we’ve always shared the story of our contributors and their own artistic endeavors alongside their thoughts on music and culture in a section clearly labelled “Conflict of Interest.” The release of Tim “TBASA” Basaraba’s 15th homemade album in 15 years, The Hyper Bully, which is now available on his bandcamp page and will be celebrated with a release show at the Nectar Lounge in Fremont on October 26, seems like a good opportunity to highlight another one of our own.

I’m clearly too biased to offer an objective opinion of the The Hyper Bully, but at the very least I can assure you that t it doesn’t sound like any one thing you’ve ever heard before, which is something I think you’re supposed to strive for as a musician. My favorite track is “Psytranslyvania,” an electronic anthem with a hyper-kinetic beat that snakes beneath an uplifting chorus of “You Must be Getting Stronger.” It’s a song that’s RIYL LCD Soundsystem and Ratatat.

Citing my musical home base of abrasive guitar rock bands like Polvo, Dinosaur Jr and Archers of Loaf as influences in one breath while revealing that he covers “Bell Biv Devoe and Paula Abdul “with my own special flair” in the next, TBASA is a musical renaissance man. In addition to tirelessly writing and recording his own original compositions, he is a well-known local booker and promoter; a cartoonist and graphic novelist; a long-time contributor to; and the bass player for KEXP favorites The Valley. His greatest strength, however, is the way he builds community and creates opportunities for others to be more artistic. My daughter attended his art show in Fremont and started drawing cartoons; those same cartoons inspired local artist John Ohannesian to start doing panels alongside album art and show posters. Ohanneisian was so appreciative of Tim and his art that he designed the cover for The Hyper Bully, which features TBASA with his classic full beard, skull cap and glasses being bullied by two little guys in suits right at his temples.

At Nectar on Sunday you’ll be able to witness Tim and the community he’s built when he shares the stage with Passion Party, 9K1 (feat Shubzilla, Lex Lingo and Bill Beats) and DL. In the crowd you’ll likely find members of the many local bands he’s helped over the years, including the ones he discovered while booking the Mix in Georgetown and featured in his “14 to Watch in 2014” series on earlier this year.

Don’t just take our word for it, though. Here’s what other people are saying about TBASA and The Hyper Bully. 

“He was Idaho weird long before Napoleon Dynamite, and that’s good for Seattle.” – Tom Scanlon, Seattle Times

“”On October 10 Seattle DIY musician and Renaissance man TBASA released “Whoa Whoa Ma”, the first song from his forthcoming 15th album The Hyper Bully and he’s calling it the best song ever recorded.”” – Glen Casebeer, 

“Tim Basaraba is a restlessly inventive singer-songwriter, beginning his musical life in Idaho as a punk singer, and subtly merging into a genre-hopping weirdo.” – Rev. Adam McKinney,

““Whoa Whoa Ma” has a classic house chord progression and gospel-inspired backing vocals worthy of, say, Black Box.” – Gabriel Alexander Grieser, guy who used to play in a band with TBASA who has a blog  

“TBASA keeps the message on-point and uses his clever words economically (multiple instrumentals too!), even as a guest MC drops by on several cuts.” – Gabriel Alexander Grieser, guy who used to play in a band with TBASA who has a blog

“A gifted live performer who knows how to entertain an audience. A true DIY warrior.” – Jeff Albertson, Seattle band Summer Babes  

“The Hyper Bully is a Seattle-by-way-of-Idaho Folk-Hop Masterpiece.  Whatever the fuck that means.” – Patrick Galactic, local musician 

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