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Video Premiere: Rachaels Children’s “Running”

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Last year, Nada photographer Andy Perkovich captured an early set from Rachaels Children at Lucky Liquor and summarily raved about the band’s “passion for creating sound that stems from a desire to reject compliance and provide a space for communal tantrums.” Now, as the band quickly catches the attention of other local taste-makers, we’re excited to debut their first official video, “Running.”

Directed by local musician, artist and producer Sean Downey (#41for2018), the 2 minute and nine-second mini-film exemplifies his sense of high-brow, oddball humor and looks like it was an absolute blast to make.

Though the song’s delivery and the video’s aesthetic are clearly a bit tongue-in-cheek, the band’s message isn’t. “‘Running’ is a call to action about self love,” says vocalist Ariel Burke. “It’s a relentless chant, a motivational coach encouraging us to not give up.”

Rachaels Children. Photo by Andy Perkovich.

Though the band wears it’s influences – Bikini Kill, B-52s, The Slits and the Stooges – proudly on it’s collective sleeves, “Running” stands on it’s own as a unique addition to the quirky, post-punk genre, meaning we’re quite excited for the group’s forthcoming EP due later this year..

In addition to Burke, Rachaels Children features Miriam Williamson on guitar and looper and Jordi Montes on drums. Check their Facebook page for live dates and more info on the group.

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