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With Love, For Love: The 4th Annual Summit Block Party

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The fourth annual Summit Block Party (SBP), the DIY yin to the Capitol Hill Block Party’s yang, takes place Saturday, August 22 on Summit Ave between Olive and Howell Street in Seattle’s most artistic and rapidly-changing neighborhood.

A completely free, volunteer-run event, SBP will feature live music, booths from local artists, free haircuts from Rudy’s Barbershop and food trucks Rancho Bravo and Tasty Vibes.

“The main point is everything is done with love for love,” says producer/promoter Adam Way. “And equality and fun.”

Bringing the fun to the stage is a diverse lineup of 18 local artists, among them local hip-hop luminary RA Scion, #41for2015 act Detective Agency and the excellent electro-pop outfit known as Clutch Douglass.

In true community spirit, Way invited several local artists to design posters for this year’s event, all of which are incredibly cool. Every single one.

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